Fiverr Skill Test 2022

Fiverr Skill Test 2022

How Do I Pass Fiverr Skill Test In 2022 ?

I can answer this question in 2 lines.

Use of brainly app on other phone

Use of Google search in another phone while giving exams.

By these 2 steps you can 100% pass your exam.

These tests have had the major results on seller profiles and, moving forward, we will only be testing for them: 

Note: Any of the skill test that you previously took can no longer be taken and will be removed from your Fiverr profile.

Adobe After Effects


English Language (Words and Phrases)

German Grammar

Spanish Grammar

Italian Gramma

Virtual Assistant



Adobe Illustrator

U.S English Basic Test

WordPress 5.1

Social Media Marketing Test

Microsoft Excel

Content Writing

Customer Service

Analytical Skills