How do I promote my song on Spotify and get my tracks in popular playlists?

How do I promote my song on Spotify and get my tracks in popular playlists?

Spotify is a popular music streaming app that has over 100 million users.

It is a great platform for artists to promote their songs and albums, but it can be difficult to get your music noticed on the app.

This article will tell you all about how to promote your song on Spotify.

The first thing that you need to do is create an artist account. This will allow you to upload your music directly onto Spotify and keep track of the performance of each song. It also means that you'll have a personal profile page where listeners can find out more about you and follow your campaign.


This profile page includes information such as your biography, discography, social media links and more importantly, a link to buy your album or individual songs from iTunes or other digital retailers - so make sure..

Spotify is the newest take on how you listen to music. What's different about Spotify Poromotion? Now you can put the world at your fingertips.


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