How to delete your  instagram account ?

How to delete your instagram account ?

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Want to know how to delete your instagram account.

In this article I'll show you

 1: How to delete your instagram account.

 2: And how to temporarily disable instagram account.

Let get started.

First you need to open your instagram app and then :

1: Click on the three line icon at the top right corner of your screen.

2: Select setting  

3: Scroll down and select help

4: The proceed to help center

5: Now write how to delete instagram account and choose the first 

6: Scroll down and click delete instagram account link

7: Now a popup will redirect you in a browser

8: Select reason why you are delete your instagram account and also enter password of instagram account.

9: Then click on delete instagram account.

Note: After clicking on delete button your account will be deleted.

And instagram will give you a date of 1 month to reinstate in future.

If you don't try to login in on your instagram then your instagram accountcompletely deleted after 1 month.

There in one more option if you want to take a break from instagram you can choose temporarily disable instagram account .

This option is present on delete Intagram account page.

You can choose it and disable your instagram account for sometime.

I hope this guide was helpfull and your be able to delete your instagram.