How to find your phone contacts on instagram?

How to find your phone contacts on instagram?

Hey guys,

This is sahil  in this video I will show you " how to find your phone contacts on Instagram " 

Most of the people think that if you know the first and last name of a person then you can easily find them on Instagram.

But let me tell you that some people on Instagram don't use there original names.

So in order to find your contact on Instagram let me tell you a simple trick.

So you can find your contacts easily on Instagram.

First you need to open your Instagram app and login to your Instagram account.

If already logged in then follow these steps.

Click on menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. 


And then click on discover option.

In the next step click on connect contacts.

Let me tell you if you have this mobile number in your contact list and they had associated this number with Instagram account.

Then you can easily find his or her Instagram profile.

After click on allow access you can see all suggestion which are present on your phone contact.

Now you can easily follow them.

It's done.

I hope this video guide was helpful and you will be able to find your phone contacts on Instagram.