How to make your Facebook profile private ?

How to make your Facebook profile private ?

Hey guys, this is sahil  and in this video I will show how to make your Facebook profile private?

You can easily make your FB profile private by using these steps.

First you need open your Facebook app and login to your account.

If already lockedin then follow these steps.

In then next step click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Then select the setting and in the dropdown menu select privacy shortcuts.

Select the top lock icon " review a few important privacy setting".

Now select "who can see what you share" and proceed to continue.

Under the " friends and family " tab, select who can see your friend list on your profile.

Choose either friends or only me.

Select who can see the people, pages and lists you follow, choose from " only me" or friends.

Then click on next.

Select who can see your future post and friends.

Here your need to select "friends only could see your posts"

You can also select " limit past posts so that your post that we're published earlier would be seen only by your friends and not available to public.

Click on the limit icon and confirm it by clicking again on limit one more time again.

Then click on next icon and tap on next one more time.

Now your FB profile is private.

I hope this video was helpful and you will be able to make your FB profile private .