How to promote music on spotify

How to promote music on spotify

Spotify is one the largest players in the music industry. So having a large fanbase on the platform can help your success as an indie artist...

Here are the 12 Tips To Promote Your Spotify Songs.

(1) Just like any other medium, whether it’s radio, TV, physical sales or live shows, the music you’re putting out there plays the biggest role in its success.

Spotify more likely to take notice and feature your song to its subscribers. And then, after you gain a consistent audience there, you can keep moving and striving for the better, turning to more professional services and platforms.

(2) Making good spotify songs you will need great tracks first. Let’s understand this taken care of right now-if you should do good spotify music ads you have to start out with good music

(3) Getting featured in popular playlists is the one of the key item for gaining an audience on Spotify (and more generally on any streaming services).

But that's may start by looking at what are the most relevant playlists in your genre / niche.

(4) Consistently uploading content , so what happens on Spotify when you’re consistent with your music uploads, podcasts, and other content on Spotify? The answer is so simple , your followers will stick with you for the long haul time.

It will appear as muscle is all it requires to force a keep track of to the very best. 

(5) So, what happens on Spotify music when you are consistent with your music uploads, podcasts, and other Spotify content ? The answer is simple: your followers will stick with you for the long haul time.

(6) Do the best to make your Spotify music as convincing as is possible before you begin your promotion.That means invest some time to create great paths, perfect your mix and get best at your Spotify music to make your last product.

(7) There are many websites listing what are the most trending / popular playlists, like this one for example .

These Are the 30 Most Popular Spotify Playlists

Then find those who is managing these playlists and try to reach out to these influencers, was it directly or via social media.

(8) Create article posts on Pinterest.

(9) Create blog post with proper SEO on yur website.

(10 Share Your Spotify Music through a Unique Email Marketing Campaign (Music community data base)

(11) Web 2.0 site.

(12) And finally, there are a couple of promotion companies who may be able to assist in getting featured in Spotify playlists & do all of these task on your behalf.


And last but not least, it gives you more credibility as potential fans will want to see your follow count to help them decide whether they should give your music a chance. It’s sad but it’s true! As your audience grows, all of your promotional efforts will become much more easy and effective. 

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