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Etsy is a website that facilitates the selling of handmade items, vintage items and craft supplies. Sellers can register on Etsy to buy and sell goods through their own storefronts.

The ranking of an Etsy product depends on a number of factors. The most important factors are the number of views, the number of sales and the amount of feedback (comments).


An Etsy product's rank will depend on how many views it has had, how many sales it has had and how much feedback it has received.

Designers, resellers and retailers have big dreams for their Etsy shops. Promising to make it easy for anyone to start an online business, Etsy provides a marketplace with millions of independent items and opportunities.


One of the biggest challenges on Etsy is that the search engine doesn't always provide the best results when browsing. If you want to be in the spotlight and reach more shoppers, then you need to be seen by the right people! We'll use a mix of proven techniques to help you get there.



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Note : For SEO optimized description check out etsy description. 



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