Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Alpha Beta Zone work?

After you place your order we will get started with the order and you see result with in 2 days.

You will see your plays increase gradually over time. Once the order is complete  we will send you a delivery report on whatsapp or email.

Do you offer targeted plays from my country?

Yes dear , we target worldwide because we had a huge network of Ads .

How long until my order is completed?

Delivery time is mention under order pack.

Are the Promotion is real ?

Yes , we do real promotion that's why we don't claim any specific number of views , followers , plays and likes.

You will receive a full delivery report once the promotion is completed.

Do I earn royalties from the plays you deliver?

All our plays are fully monetizable and will earn you royalties accordingly.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept stripe well as PayPal.

All our payment methods are managed through PayPal and Alpha Beta Zone will never capture or directly manage any of your payment information.

Other Payment Option

( Available On Whatsapp & Email )

(1) Bitcoin

(2) Etherium

(3) Skrill

(4)  Airtm

Pm me for other payment option link.

I have other questions, how can I get in touch with you?

Email : [email protected]

Contact with whatsapp button.