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My name is Sahil and I'm a Digital Marketing and  Social Media Marketing Expert with 7 years of experience.

In our service, we will provide you usa web traffic for your website and embed your website link to all top social media platforms like, ( Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and much more).


Google Ads Safe
Natural Looking Traffic
Up to 10000
page views per day
24/7 Customer Support
Guaranteed Results
in Google Analytics
Money-Back Guarantee
50000 page views
per month
200+ Countries WHATAPPS us for specific locations

What you get:

low bounce rate

✔Low bounce rate

✔Boost Alexa ranking

✔Visitors will start to appear within 24h

✔AdSense safe traffic

✔ SEO-friendly service

✔Keyword targeted visitors

✔100% fanbase

And Many More...

Safety & Guarantee

The Most Advanced Website Traffic 

safety and guarantee


Absolutely Yes , If you buy a good targeted traffic this will help you to maintain your search engine reputation.

Get USA Targeted Traffic

 Niche targeted traffic

Other Features:

⭐ Boost Alexa rank

⭐ Minimum 500 Daily Visits

⭐ Good for SEO ranking

⭐ Excellent Click-through rate (CTR)

⭐ Niche targeted traffic

⭐ Low competition keywords ranking

⭐ Affiliate pages and websites Accepted

⭐ 100% safe for all google updates


Types of ads

Push, Solo Ads

Blog Post

Forum Ads

Influencer Marketing

Note: Youtube Links are not accepted.

Other Payments


How to Buy a Package?
Buying social media packages from Our servies is simple and fast. Just follow these steps

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Provide us details about what you need to boost now. We DON’T require your password


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What is your refund policy for website traffic?
First 7 days after the payment: Unconditional full refund After 7 days: Full refund for undelivered traffic.
What are your services for?
Most of our clients use our services to improve their website traffic metrics. We can fix your bounce rate, return rate, and session time. We can also help increase your traffic volume, organic, and social traffic, as well as improve almost every other aspect of your website traffic.
Is the traffic real?
It is automated traffic. We use real web browsers with automation to create it, which means the traffic looks like real human traffic but it doesn't make purchases. We guarantee that you will see all of the traffic we send to your website in your Google Analytics dashboard.
How much traffic will I get per day?
You will receive one 30th of your monthly traffic volume on a daily basis. For example, if you purchase an 50000 visits then you will receive 1667 visits per day.
Is the traffic Adsense(and any other Pay Per Click affiliate programs) safe?
Yes, it is absolutely safe for PPC ads. We avoid clicking on ads and, therefore, you won't violate any of the rules set out by these programs and providers. In the case of Adsense, we don't even load the ads, so by default, you won't see any impressions.
Do you accept shorteners, redirects, and affiliate links?
No, we cannot guarantee any results unless you use traditional websites with Google Analytics installed.
Will the traffic help me with SEO, ranking, etc.?
We have different kinds of traffic. If your goal is to improve your Google positions, we recommend you use our Search Console Traffic. This will ensure that you see all of the traffic in your Google Search Console alongside your target keywords.
What Bounce rate does your traffic have?
You can tell us to use any Bounce Rate you need, from 0% to 100%. You can change this parameter on your project's settings page. Whatsapp our team after order.
Do you accept Adult websites?
Yes, we do accept Adult websites.
What is the best Bounce Rate for my website?
There's no right or wrong answer to this question. The average bounce rate is between 30% and 70%. We recommend analyzing your competitors’ website to better understand what is normal for your industry. For example, let's imagine your website is, therefore, your top competitor would be Head over to and type in the search bar. Here, you’ll see that has a Bounce Rate of 43%. We would, therefore, recommend using this value for your test.
Can I pay with Crypto?
Yes, we do accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency payments. Just contact us.
I didn't get a single visitor. What's going on?
Please get in touch with our customer service. We will check all the settings of your project and find a solution. There's always a whatsapp chat and email.