How to find low competitive keywords ?

How to find low competitive keywords ?

In this video I will explain how to use these tools to find low competitive keywords.

Have you ever noticed that the most profitable keywords on your AdWords account are often the least competitive ? 

This is because there are only a handful of advertisers bidding on them, so the cost per click is lower than those in a highly competitive niche. Finding these low-competition keyphrases can help you expand your reach and increase your profits. 

But how can you tell if a keyword is low competition?

If you want to build a website that gets a lot of visitors and sells a lot of products, your first step should be to find a lot of low competition keyowords. 

These are keyowords that have a small amount of competition, which means that you can rank for them relatively easily.

This means that instead of getting a small trickle of traffic from a lot of keywords, you can instead get a much larger amount of traffic from a much smaller amount of keywords. This lets you focus on the most important keywords instead of being spread too thin.

Finding low competition keywords is a good first step to getting organic traffic. I’ve found several useful keyowords that have low competition. One of the most effective ways to find low competition keywords is to look at the top ranking pages.

This is a great way to find keywords that aren’t too competitive, but still get a lot of organic traffic.

Search platforms like ahref or Keywords Everywhere are great for identifying low competition keyowords. 

These platforms offer a quick way to discover which keyowords are most commonly used in your industry. 

From there, you can decide which terms to prioritize. You can also look at industry websites, like the American Bar Association, to find popular keyowords.

When it comes to ranking for a keyword, there are two main ways of approaching it. You can go for a high competition keyword, which has a lot of competition but also a lot of traffic and conversions, or you can go for a low competition keyword, which has very little competition but also very little traffic and conversions. 

The best approach is to find a middle ground: a keyowrd that has enough competition to be worth your while but not so much that it's impossible to rank for.

The best way to find these keyowords is to use a keyword research tool like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.